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The Searson Family Funeral Services have Portsmouth, Southsea and Havant funeral homes. Our premises, on reflection, do not portray a typically perceived image of an "Undertakers". However, we are still professionals in what we do. The funeral homes are unobtrusive, discreet, and fit well within our local community. We have an 'Open Door Policy. We're proud of what we have available; you are welcome to come and inspect ALL our facilities; give us a call. Our small family business is dedicated to ensuring that what we provide exceeds what you would get elsewhere. Why not call in and say hello? We'll be pleased to see you and answer any questions you may have.


Our Funeral Home in Havant is our central location that services all our branches. This facility is one of the largest in the area and is home to all our departments. We have an open reception that leads you to the public areas of the Funeral Home: a spacious reception area, Chapels of Rest, Arranging Office, and Toilets. Our Graphic Design Studio is also where all our memorial print items are prepared and created. Jasmine's Flowers Shop also shares the same building. In addition, we have an extensive Workshop and storage area, with an ever-growing family team and essential staff facilities; we also have our Garage where funeral vehicles are maintained and stored. Fundamentally, we also have the most important service of all: our Mortuary Care Facilities. 


Unlike some funeral directors, we have made a substantial investment that enables us to carry out our fundamental role in preparing and presenting your loved one for the Chapel of Rest. Our facilities are state of the art, modern, hygienic, and conforming to the many health and safety requirements. We also have qualified and experienced mortuary staff dedicated to their role and perform exceptionally well. We enforce a continuing education programme that maintains and increases our skills and knowledge, making us industry leaders in Mortuary Science. To view our Mortuary Care Facility...

Here are a few photographs:

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