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The Searson Family Funeral Service


Our Role

As family Funeral Directors our combined experience, sensitivity, and training will enable us to cope with every aspect of the funeral, right down to the smallest detail. We know all too well that attention to detail can make a difference. Our philosophy of going the extra mile will make the difference between you just having a funeral and having a memorable experience. In defining our 'Role', we have five areas of responsibility:


Custodian of the Deceased

Our primary role, above all else, is to ensure the exceptional care and well-being of your loved one.



You will be handing over responsibility to the professionals to ensure that all your requirements and wishes are fulfilled.



We will act on your behalf in organising third parties, such as Crematorium, Cemetery, Clergy etc.


Technical Advisor

Our skills, qualifications, and experience will offer you endless options to extend unlimited choice to create a positive funeral experience.


Master of Ceremonies

We'll officiate the service, putting together every aspect of your requirements, just as you will have requested. Our role is extensive, with many aspects of our efforts behind the scenes. The funeral will be unique and as individual as the person who has died. It's not just another funeral; it is an opportunity for us to create a lasting, positive, and memorable end to someone's life. We're here to help you celebrate the life lost and help you through your grief. In deciding upon the Searson family to carry out your funeral, one thing is sure;- we'll do EVERYTHING possible, adding those extra touches, to ensure your decision to choose us will be the right one. 

Making the Arrangements

The timing to carry out arrangements is entirely your decision, and you do not need to rush and make rash decisions. However, we encourage families to contact us as soon as possible after the death; this way, we can help guide them through the immediate formalities such as registration. Once you feel comfortable and ready to discuss the funeral, we will make an appointment to meet.


Making funeral arrangements isn't a simple process of an interview; it is developing your thoughts and ideas to create a meaningful day. Our initial meeting will focus on sharing those thoughts and ideas, combining these with our suggestions and offering you options and choices, many of which you may not have considered. We never forget this is not just another funeral; it isn't for you; it certainly isn't for us. Every funeral we carry out is an opportunity; we appreciate the honour placed on us and will do everything possible to make your funeral day a positive, meaningful, and memorable one for all the right reasons. The initial meeting will also provide us with all the formal details required, get you to sign some documents, and, if you wish, make a firm confirmation on the day, time, and venue for the service. You then have plenty of time to consider all the options and choices, make your final decisions unhurried, and carefully think about how you want things to be.


Once initial arrangements have been made, we will provide you with a confirmation of the funeral booking, review the options, and think about things. Over the coming days will be in touch with you, ask what decisions have been made, and then begin to create the funeral day. We never rush, never encourage immediate decisions, and will not make any assumptions.


Should you wish to pre-plan your funeral but prefer to make any financial provision, the Searson family have a NEW 'My Wishes' Planning Pack available. It provides entry into all the essential information your family will need about your chosen funeral and your wishes when the time comes. We have this pack available in print form, and you can contact any of our offices for your free copy. Alternatively, below is a download PDF version. Just save it to your computer and complete the information on the screen; don't forget to save it once completed. Your completed 'My Wishes' Planning Pack can then be kept in a safe place or given to a family member. 



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