Burial is very much perceived as the ‘traditional’ form of funeral, typically related to those of religious influence, although these days that certainly isn’t the case. There are several municipal or local authority cemeteries in the area along with several Churchyards. Some have a Service Chapel; others don’t which may mean you will need to decide upon a place of service before the burial takes place. Often people opt for a church service, however, all local Crematorium offers a ‘Service Only’ option which is becoming a more popular, non-religious alternative to a church service. There is a list of local cemeteries at the bottom of this page although others may be available. Unlike Crematoria who have a standard charge regardless of where you live, cemeteries are very different. Your local authority cemetery will provide a burial for a resident of the area at one fee but if you fall out of the area, double fees will apply. We will guide you as to the associated costs when making your arrangements.


When it comes to burial there are two options, either interment in an existing grave or purchasing a new grave.



There may already be an existing family grave, one which has available space for further interments. We would need to clarify with the Cemetery   Superintendent to formally acknowledge that the grave can still be used. Just because your family purchased the grave years before doesn’t necessarily mean it can be used, or you have rights to the grave now. You may be aware that a family grave exists but uncertain as to its location. In such situations, we would ask who may have been buried in the grave previously and then make a search through the cemetery record archives to make a trace. Once the grave has been formally identified and available space confirmed, the    Cemetery Superintendent will provide a status on the grave. It may be the case that the grave was purchased many years ago and the Exclusive Rights of Burial have expired. As such, and before any interment can take place, the exclusive rights will need to be purchased before the burial can take place. Should a memorial be in place, our Monumental Mason will need to have this removed before the grave can be prepared for burial. The memorial will be taken back to the Mason’s yard where it will be kept until such times it is permitted to be placed back on the grave.



Portsmouth City Council does not require a grave be purchased for burial. They have what is known as ‘Common Graves’ where people can be buried without the need to purchase exclusive rights. This can provide a more cost-effective option should finances be a deciding issue, however, if the grave is not purchased the cemetery authorities do have the right to bury other people in the grave. In addition, a Common Grave does not allow for any memorial, not even a grave marker as you have no rights to the grave.


When opting for a new grave purchase, usually the Cemetery Superintendent will just select a grave that is suitable available. However, if you have a preference for the grave location, the cemetery staff are very friendly and willing to help in trying to accommodate your wishes. When selecting a new grave it will be necessary to decide at this stage if the grave is to be for one, two, or three interments. Single and double graves are freely available, treble graves are less available and the size of the grave is determined by the depth and not width.



Churchyard burials are now becoming very few and far between. Most Churchyards are old, have been in existence for many, and were only ever intended to serve small parish communities. As towns and cities grow and the population increases, the availability of space, in the main, is not available. However, more rural Churchyards still carry out burials and we can offer you guidance on a local church to see if this option is possible. Many Churchyards, although unable to provide space for full interments, can offer some provision for the interment of cremated remains. Charges for interment within a Churchyard are governed by the church, these forming part of the Parochial Church Fees, a copy of which can be provided on request.



Should you opt for ‘Exclusive Rights of Burial’ you will be entitled to place a new memorial once the twelve-month settling period has expired. We have a wide variety of memorials in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. You can view our Memorial Brochures by going to our ‘Download Section’ which will give you an indication as to what is available.



Havant Borough Council 

Public Service Plaza

Civic Centre Road



023 9244 6019

Cemeteries in this borough include; Havant, Warblington and Waterlooville.

Fareham Borough Council

Civic Offices,

Civic Way,


PO16 7AZ

01329 236100

Cemeteries in this borough include; Wickham Road and Roman Grove.

Porthsmouth City Council

Civic Offices,

Guildhall Walk,



023 9282 2251

Cemeteries in this borough include; Kingston, Milton and Southsea.

Gosport Borough Council

High Street



PO12 1EB

023 9258 4242

Cemeteries in this borough include Annies Hill.