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We appreciate and fully understand how difficult it can be to face the reality of arranging a funeral. We also know first-hand how devastating it is when facing the challenges of the passing of a young child. The Searson family extends a wealth of options and choices for families and parents when arranging their child's funeral. Every detail is considered, but we don't consider the cost. We have a range of services that will meet most people's needs, and there are no associated costs. Our services to those under the age of sixteen are FREE OF CHARGE.

We will provide all the necessary arrangements and administration and help you create a meaningful and tailored service that reflects your wishes. Remember, there are no norms; you decide and make the decisions. We will collect your child from their place of passing and bring them back into our care. We provide them with the best staff and facilities that extend a comfortable, safe and secure period of rest. You are welcome to visit your child; we have rooms dedicated to this purpose. Depending upon your needs, we will provide you with a Hearse or Limousine. We will also provide you with a coffin, fully personalised in whatever design you want. We will also offer a matching Ashes Casket if you opt for Cremation. We also provide Order of Service Books, Poem Cards and other tailored print options, and everything we provide is


Even though our charges are FREE, some Third Party Fees may still be payable, depending upon your choices. All Crematoriums extend a free service; some even provide them free up to eighteen. Cemeteries usually offer the services for free up to a specified age; each Cemetery is different when it comes to charging.

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