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The cost of your funeral will depend upon the choices you make. Every funeral is unique and individual, from the most simplistic to the ornate and lavish; the overall cost depends on what you want. Costs comprise three sections: Professional Fees, which are what we charge for goods and services, Optional Charges for things that you may request but are not essential to the basic funeral; and Third-Party Fees, which are costs payable to the Crematorium, Cemetery, Minister, etc.


In line with the National Association of Funeral Directors CODE, and the Competitions and Markets Authority Funeral Order, we have a variable range of costs to meet different needs. Our 'Standardised Price List' is our starting point that provides the essentials for just about every funeral we carry out.. You can add any number of 'Optional Charges' to meet your needs, or you can deduct services you don't want. The 'Standardised Price List' ensures that every family can arrange a dignified and intimate funeral experience at an affordable cost. For those who are finding themselves in financial hardship, the first step is to speak with us. We can direct you towards a funeral that can help meet your limited funds; we can also help in supporting you through the process of seeking DWP assistance through the Social Fund (if applicable). If you need financial support and want to know more about the help available through the DWP, there is a link below. We hope that the sections below give you all the information you require but if you need more help, give us a call.

It is important to remember that there is no legal requirement to contract the services of a Funeral Director. In addition, you can render all or part of our services to meet your needs, and certain additional services can be provided to you by other suppliers. Ultimately, you can arrange your provisions without instructing a Funeral Director. However, we believe that our charges represent good value for money when considering the services we provide, our resources such as staff, facilities and professional skills and experience. Should you be experiencing genuine financial hardship, LET US KNOW; you may be surprised to learn that we understand and are willing to help.

Should you require financial assistance through the Social Fund, information is here to help you. Alternatively, we recommend you contact the DWP on 0800 169 0140 for guidance and see if you are eligible for payment through the Social Fund.

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