By taking into account the personality and passions of your loved one, together we can arrange a unique commemoration and celebration of their life. The loss of a loved one is always difficult, however, we will do our best to advise you on the options available. By considering the following options this process can be made easier for you and your family.


Sentimental Items:

Many bereaved families take great comfort from placing personal items such as photographs or letters and soft toys in the Coffin with their loved ones. We place no restrictions on what may be placed in a Coffin or the Chapel of Rest whilst your loved one is in our care. However, there are restrictions placed by  Crematoriums and items made of metal or glass may be restricted. Where appropriate, we will advise on what can stay and what will need to be removed. You can even have a Memory Board placed in the Chapel, with lots of photos of the deceased, representing a life of memories. This can also be taken to the funeral and even the gathering after the service.


Coffin or Casket:

We supply a wide range of Coffins and Caskets from the most simple to the truly elaborate. We appreciate that for some people choosing a Coffin may be a distressing and upsetting decision, however, we believe that it would be inappropriate for us to make that decision for you. We will ALWAYS show you the lowest priced option first, then, should you wish to extend upon this, we will provide you with our brochure for you to make your selection. Our coffins range from the traditional style, in both veneer and hardwoods. We also have a range of Cardboard coffins, with various printed designs. In addition, Willow, Wicker, and Bamboo are now freely available and come in different styles and designs. Alternatively, why not opt for a plain, simple, white coffin, and then decorate it yourself. This can be a very personal and fitting family tribute to someone much loved.



Many people ask for specific pieces of music to be played during the service. The music chosen can be anything from traditional funeral music through to favourite pop songs. There is no ‘norm’ to music, just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen for you. We are able to source over 3.000.000 music tracks for you to select from.

Carrying and transporting the Coffin:

We will always supply bearers to carry the Coffin, alternatively, you may wish to choose your own bearers. We encourage family participants in this aspect of the funeral. Do not worry, we will always make sure that your private  Bearers receive some instruction before the actual service takes place. Depending on your preference, the vehicle could be a regular hearse, horse-drawn carriage or motorcycle hearse. When arranging this detail, please be sure to inform us of your wishes.



The choice of what your loved one wears on the day of the funeral is completely up to you. We can provide robes if you wish but we find that whoever is organising the funeral often likes their loved one to be wearing something either special or sentimental. You may wish your loved one to wear something formal, items of clothing they were comfortable in, or even their favourite football team strip. Whatever the decision, we are happy to dress your loved one in whatever outfit chosen.


Eulogy / Tribute:

A friend or relative may wish to say a few words during the service. This speech or collection of thoughts is called a Eulogy or tribute. You can prepare this yourself, or you may prefer a favourite poem or other reading. Letters, poems, and other contributions from members of the family can also be used to give the eulogy a personal and meaningful aspect. Please ask to see our individual advice leaflet for more information. Alternatively, give our staff enough Information and time, and we will even help prepare the eulogy for you should you be finding it difficult to put the words together.


Obituary Notices:

The Obituary notice is an opportunity not only to publicly announce the death of your loved one and the official funeral details, but they can also be used to pay tribute to your loved one by including a few chosen words that you feel are appropriate. It is also an opportunity for displaying details such as where any donations or flowers can be sent. We will be happy to create and arrange the Obituary notices for you if you wish for us to do so. We can also collate all the obituary notices on your behalf and illustrate them in one album.



We can extend several photographic services to help you provide a more lasting vision of the service day. As well as pictures of your loved one, we can digitally photograph the floral tributes and prepare these in an album. You may wish to have the place of service photographed, the Hearse, Coffin, and any other appropriate images. These too can be prepared and placed in either a booklet or you might want to provide an album of your choosing. If you wish, we are also able to place all photos on to CD or even create a DVD presentation.



We have our own Florist who is qualified and experienced in all aspects of floristry. We have a detailed brochure that is available for you to make your tribute selections. Alternatively, our Florist is very willing to make a home visit, to talk in detail what you may require. Whatever you decide upon, you can be assured of high quality, beautiful fresh flowers at a competitive price. In addition to flowers, we are able to offer a wide range of helium foil and latex balloons. It is becoming very popular to provide a balloon release as an integral part of the funeral service.



This is just a very brief indication as to what we are able to provide. However, whatever your requirements, we WILL be able to help.